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Andrea Flanagan is a dynamic music artist from the White Mountains of Arizona. Her style ranges from folk and blues to alternative rock. Andrea's original songs paint stories of travel, nature and rifts in the human experience. With her award-winning vocals (often compared to Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes) accompanied by raw rhythm guitar, she tours the country, using her performances to build connections with others and challenging herself to draw inspiration from every encounter along the way.

         Andrea's career blossomed in Denver, after she moved there from Mesa, AZ to complete her Music Business degree. She found herself amidst a vibrant and eclectic music scene where she could collaborate and perform with some of the most unique and creative artists on the uprise. During her short 3 years there, she played on some remarkable stages, performed in several different states, landed an article for her band Doctors of the Sun in the national magazine Talent Monthly and won Reverbnation's RAW talent showcase contest as a solo artist. In 2017, Andrea returned home to be near family and continues to write, perform, record and tour both as a solo act and with her band comprised of local music veterans Jeremy B. (Skullcap) , Arnold Lehman, and Rich Edelman.


New, new, new!

Welcome to my new website! 2019 is bringing great new things, like new singles, a new band, and exciting new directions in life! The company is growing and I am now booking for the rest of the year and looking to perform in new venues around the country!

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